Friday, October 10, 2008

A good programmer

There are normal programmers and there are good programmers. Normal programmers are those who program for payback either in salaries, allowances, or on contracts. They program for the money, name or to show off. A good programmer is one who programs mainly to solve problems, they think about how to solve a particular problem and design an application to solve them. Everyday of their lives is programming, because they try to solve every problems of their lives with programming. They don’t just program just for the fun of it but because they want to give solutions, they don’t think of they will need they think of why things are not effective and then draw out a solution.

Being a good programmer involves a lot of hard work and scarifies, good programmers program to make life more beautiful, all most all of these good programmers develop programs that makes life more beautiful for them.

For instance, a programmer who finds it stressful and difficult to make coffee can develop an application that makes coffee, all invention was born out of that intention. It starts with an attitude to solve your personal problems, to make life easier and more beautiful for you, it extends to the community, the nation and finally world.

An application that those not give solutions is no program. The fact is, any one will want to pay you if you can give then a solution to their problem, and making money is not a problem but shouldn’t be your focus.

Assumming your government finds it difficult to allocate fund to LGA in their state because the population people and resources cannot be determined, if you develop an application that can determine and calculate the population of people and locate fund for them based these factor, where all the government need do is to enter the LGA and the fund available for the state, while the program do the rest of the job and out allocations with detail, don’t you think the government will be ready to pay you any amount to have such an application.

The game is give people what they want and they will give you what you need.

Good programmers are those who have solved the problems of mankind in the past. Edison saved us from black out, the world enjoys his invention even generations yet unborn will live to enjoy it. All the history makers have one thing in common and that is to give solutions to mankind

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